My Night in a Haunted House

Everyone loves a good story. I’m not sure if I enjoy listening or telling one more, but I like to think of life experiences as a way of gathering them. You have to put yourself in interesting situations and surround yourself with fascinating people to curate a well rounded collection. “Why would you want to […]

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A Resolution Worth Keeping

Usually I find the act of making New Year’s resolutions an exercise in futility. I’m not saying they’re pointless for everyone, but in my short 30 years of existence, they haven’t exactly been a driving force in my achievement for the year. I also never found the promise a new year brings. Most of my […]

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Fat Girl in New York City

I love to travel. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a well travelled person, but I’m starting to dip my toes in other waters and I absolutely love seeing and experiencing life outside my small bubble in Indiana. I recently returned from a week long trip to New York City, and the trip forced me to […]

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