I tried Past-Life Regression Therapy, and here’s what happened.

The more I study metaphysics, the more I realize how little humanity knows about the universe. I’ve spent the past year immersing myself in the paranormal, metaphysical, and the occult, so when my local metaphysical shop offered past life regression therapy with a holistic healing focus, I had to try it.

Past life regression therapy is a form of hypnosis in which the subject is placed in a deep trance state to access memories of a past life. The idea is that one can uncover deep truths about themselves through this therapy and begin to work through wounds carried into this life. Before I continue, I want to stress that this is an extremely intense therapy, and it is not for everyone. I will also talk about death, child death, grief, loss, and fire. If these topics are off-limits or triggering to you, I recommend you close this window.

The person that conducts the hypnosis is trained and certified to do it. Her name is Jasmyne Ambrosia, and she is a local high priestess, occult teacher, and owner of 3rd Eye Fortunes. Her background brings a different approach than what you might get from a hypnotist because she incorporates metaphysical knowledge and partners with Amy Ranbarger, an experienced energy healer and clairvoyant, to include holistic healing throughout the process. This makes the session much different than self-guided hypnosis or a session you might have with someone who approaches the experience from a purely psychological standpoint, which is why I thought it would work best for me.

Watch the video for a Q&A with Jasmyne and Amy about their Past Life Regression Therapy service.


Before I could book the session, I had to have a preliminary meeting in which Jasmyne examined my birth chart. She does this to see if there are Akashic records, which are a record of your journey through life, specifically your past life. She also checks that you have the ability to visualize images in your mind, that you are aware of the intensity of the process, and that you are mentally open to receiving the therapy. There are other aspects of the chart she checks, too, and she goes over each aspect in detail.

If you are a candidate, Jasmyne and Amy go over each step of the process with you. They are thorough and professional so you know exactly what will happen in the session. They are serious about pre and post care because this is an intense experience, so you have to be open and willing to do exactly what they say. It’s nothing crazy–salt bath, eat a meal, take it easy–but it is essential to ensure you are safe before and after the experience. I left my meeting feeling excited and a bit nervous, but overall it reassured me that I could trust them with my mind and body for this process. Trust is essential. Having an open mind is also essential. If you enter this experience thinking that it’s all invalid, or looking for the hole in the process, then you will leave frustrated and having wasted your time and money.

On the day of my appointment, I followed all the rules. I took a shower AND a bath. I meditated to clear my mind beforehand. I ate a meal. I showed up five minutes early. But nothing could quell the nerves in my stomach. I was worried I wouldn’t see anything, or that I would have some sort of blockage.

Once I was there, I was taken back into a private room where I laid on a massage table. Amy placed a pillow over my eyes and played relaxing, spa-like music to create a sound barrier so I could not hear people outside the room. It was east to relax as she worked with crystals and sage to cleanse my energy. She led me through some breathwork which helped calm the tension I felt, and she cleared my chakras to ensure that I could handle the journey I was about to take.

When I was ready, Jasmyne entered the room to begin the hypnosis. She sat at my shoulder and spoke into my ear, guiding me to visualize a garden in my mind. As I did, Amy worked to keep my body calm and relaxed with light massage and crystals, which helped remind me that I am safe and cared for throughout the experience. After my visualization skills were established, I had to access a door.

As Jasmyne prepared me to step through it, I felt nervous. I had no idea what I would see on the other side. So far, she had told me what to visualize, but once I opened the door I would be on my own. If I saw nothing, would this all have been a waste of time? Would that mean something was wrong with me? But then I opened the door, and I never could’ve prepared myself for what I saw.

I was alone in an old kitchen. It definitely predated modern times with its dirt floor and clay walls. There was a giant fireplace with a pot hanging over it. As soon as I walked in, I started crying. An overwhelming wave of grief, loss, and sorrow crashed over me. I saw a table with old, roughly made chairs. There were five of them and they were empty. There were bowls of half eaten food there like a family had been eating together but were suddenly called away. That’s when I realized that my family—three kids and a husband, all with dark hair—died. The empty kitchen was a reminder of what I had lost. Jasmyne directed me to stand outside the house. I was in a forest with lots of trees and greenery around. My house was behind me and a dirt road went past it. In the distance I could see smoke in the trees. I went to the spot where the smoke was coming from, and I was in a village. It had been burned down, and everyone there died. I saw dead people everywhere. Bones, not bodies. I had the sense that this happened a few days or a week ago. Somehow I knew an army had come through. I felt an intense feeling of guilt like I had caused this. I could’ve stopped it but I didn’t. I should’ve died, too. My family had been in this village when the army came through and I hid in my house, so I survived. While I was in the village, walking in the smoking ashes, I said that it hurt to be there. Jasmyne pulled me out gently and took me back to the garden where I was able to calm down. Then I woke up.

The entire time I went through this, Amy was there, massaging my arms, feet, shoulders, and comforting me as I cried. This was an experience that hit me out of nowhere, and it helped immensely to know that someone was there to support me as I experienced it. After the session ended, Jasmyne sat with me for as long as I needed and talked through what happened. She helped me process this through tarot, questions, and her own insight. In a way, it felt like a counseling session. She gave me tips on how to cope with what I had experienced, and she guided me to use this experience as a way to empower myself to identify my guilt that I carried in this life and overcome it.

Jasmyne said the metaphysical explanation is that I was seeing memories of my past life, while the psychological explanation was that I saw these visions to deal with some guilt that I have deeply buried within myself. Either way, it gave insight into why I am so hard on myself all the time, and why I am so self-critical. It also showed me why my deepest, darkest fear–losing the people I love–is so prominent in my life.

This taught me so much, but the lessons will take some time to process. I suppose that’s part of the reason I’m writing it here, but I’m also putting my experience out there for anyone who might be curious about what lies deep within their own subconscious mind. As I said before, this is most definitely not for everyone. Even if you are prepared for it to be intense, as I was, you may not be wholly prepared. If you are going through a rough time mentally, or are struggling with your mental health in a major way, it might be best to wait until you are in a better place before seeking this type of hypnosis.

Despite the intensity, I do feel it was worthwhile and it is something I would do again. Maybe not next week or next month, but perhaps next year. If you are longing to grow and learn more about who you really are, I can’t think of a better way to explore your inner self than a past life regression session.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment and are local to Indianapolis, you can contact the shop by clicking here.


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